Going on the Account: Shaken to the Core

The home of the original buccaneers is now a living hell.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the news about the earthquake in Haiti, which is turning quickly from a mere tragedy to an unimaginable disaster of proportions not seen since the 2004 tsunami.  The potential figures are staggering; estimates of fatalities are ranging from 30,000 up to 500,000, though even a portion of the low end would still be unbearable.

Worse, of all the countries to experience a 7.0 magnitude quake, the likes of which were last seen there when France threw their weight behind the American colonies against England, Haiti is probably the least well prepared.  The poverty is oppressive in that land, fostered by poor governance and continuous civil strife.  The earthquake, hitting a poor overcrowded land unable to provide the basics, magnifies the suffering there by a thousand fold.

This is a time to think of fellow human beings, to do what you can for people in very desperate needs.  Some of the better sources you can offer assistance through:

American Red Cross

The Salvation Army

Doctors Without Borders


Catholic Relief Services

American Jewish World Service

Other recommendations for how to help can be found at the collection of links offered by The Huffington Post and THE NEW YORK TIMES.  

And remember that when you open your heart, you should use your head.  The FBI is warning about scammers, which gather around tragedies the way sharks swarm at blood in the water.

 Right now, words fail me…

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  1. Devera Witkin

    Great idea to post this, Jim. Heard Anderson Cooper reporting live from Haiti to Charlie Rose tonight, and his voice was incredibly choked up describing the horror of what he has seen in the few hours since he arrived.

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