Going On The Account: On Station Against Human Trafficking


You’ve seen this button on the page for a few days to announce the Comic Creator’s Alliance campaign to fight human trafficking, alerting you to the start of their fundraising campaign.

Today, January 11th, the campaign begins.  Today is also Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and the start of a two week opportunity to contribute via CCA’s webpage to two organizations working on the problem. 

For your efforts, if you contribute, you get a wallpaper for your computer with the work of all participants on it.  And if you’re looking for all manner of RAGING GAIL swag (Hi Mom!), then this is a golden opportunity here…

If you’re not in it for the giveaways, though, then at the least take this day to get more information on the issue.  There’s a good basic introduction to the topic at change.org, from which there are links to go into further details.  The US State Department’s last Trafficking in Persons report provides an official examination of the matter and discusses the extent of the problem in greater detail.  The reports on human trafficking available through Human Rights Watch are also invaluable in getting a full understanding of the situation.  Beyond that, there’s the work of the Human Trafficking Project, which is dedicated fully to fixing the problem.

I’ve already written a few words on the matter, yet what I had to say doesn’t summarize what’s pulled 85 talented creators and a hack like me together for this cause as eloquently as Lora Innes does on her website for THE DREAMER:

The topic of Human Trafficking (or slavery) should really be important for us. We history people. There’s so much debate about slavery in the lives of the Founding Fathers, and slavery in the roots of America’s creation. And yet, today, there are more people enslaved than there were during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 17th-19th centuries. I don’t want posterity to look back and judge us. Let’s be the generation that stands up and says enough is enough. Radical change in societies is possible, it’s happened over and over again… but only when people like you and me stand up to make a difference.

This is indeed an issue we can’t allow to fester and rot.  If nothing else this day, take a moment to learn more about this horrific dehumanization that needs your attention, if not your help to eradicate.

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