Going on the Account: Situation As Of The First Bell

A few items of interest:

  • The opinion piece in the NEW YORK TIMES about Puntland had some strong points to make about how there needs to be stability on land to deal with the pirate situation off Somalia.  What’s most notable about the piece is the writer, Jay Bahadur, who is in the process of interviewing such participants in the Somali story as the pirates themselves, their former hostages, and all the people tied to the business of shipping under siege, for a book he’s putting together.  I’m looking forward to seeing this when it hits the shelves.
  • There was an article about private marines in the WALL STREET JOURNAL which gives pause for what it doesn’t go into much detail about (which is common for WSJ pieces), namely what happens if there is a firefight at sea.  Sure, the article brings up the litigation and liability issues, but they seem to gloss over what happens when you exchange live fire on a ship moving only 12 knots because it contains petroleum products; not a good combination…
  • Remember the Sea Shepherds?  Got word this morning that their ship Ady Gil lost her bow to a Japanese whaler.  Well, you call yourself a “pirate,” you have to accept the potential for trouble…


Also, you’ll notice this morning on the front page a banner box for Comic Creator’s Alliance, in support of a cause I discussed a little while ago.  I highly recommend giving the page a look and considering what you can do for them.

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