Going on the Account: A Hearty Huzzah!

Got a nice note from Lora Innes about the end tally that Comic Creator’s Alliance had at the close of the campaign.  Ten thousand dollars was raised during the two weeks of the event, which is especially amazing considering the need for relief in Haiti and the general economic conditions still not being ideal.

On behalf of everyone, myself, the other contributors to the campaign, the organizations benefitting from the drive, and the people being helped, a hearty thank you.  That so many helped to fight human trafficking under such conditions is heartening, and says much good about as people.  Thank you.

Going on the Account: Plotting a New Course

For anyone looking for some good advice on how to work on more than one story at a time, Charlie Jane Anders at io9.com has some great advice.

Granted, it’s geared more for short story writers working in the SF market, but the advice can be scaled to any work setting.  And getting advice about SF works is rather timely, as I’m looking at some future work in that area, involving-

Ah, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet…

Going on the Account: A Last Appeal for a Choice of Heading


There is still time to make a contribution to the campaign by the Comic Creator’s Alliance to end human trafficking.  

You may ask, “Of all the times to hit me up for a contribution, why now?”  Yes, the recent disaster in Haiti has probably taken most of your attention as far as trouble spots to get involved with.  (If you ask this question because of your own personal crisis, then my best thoughts go out to you, and my sympathy as to your situation.)  And that’s a valid point, asking for your help in dealing with a long-term problem when there’s an immediate crisis at hand.

To which the answer, barring any personal factors unbeknownst, may well be that a contribution to one will help the other.

Consider if you will what puts another human being in danger of being a victim of trafficking, usually the young and more often than not female.  Often such victims are vulnerable to being exploited because there is little to protect that person where they live.  For some, it’s the lack of emotional stability, while others it’s economic hardship.  And in a few cases, what makes these people potential victims is general chaos.

All three conditions are a good description of the state of hundreds of thousands of Haitians right now, possible victims of human trafficking thanks to the after effects of the devastating earthquake.

As the two issues are so entwined, the question becomes one of where you feel the most good can be done by your efforts.  If you believe that taking action on the root cause of this misery is the best way to go, then there are plenty of organizations who could use your help.  If you’d rather deal with the specific issue, which will save not just Haitians but people from the world over, then contributing to this cause is how to proceed.

Whatever your choice, please do some good.  Your contributions to both Love 146 and Gracehaven will help alleviate suffering and address wrongs in the world that need your attention.  So too would a contribution to Haitian relief.  As you consider how to go, keep in mind the words of Maimonides:

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. 

Going on the Account: Losing Your Head Over This…

Got word this evening from Ye Pirate Blog about the theft of Klaus Störtebeker’s skull from the Museum of Hamburg History.

You remember Klaus, right?  Germany’s answer to Robin Hood via Captain Blood?  Unfortunately, there’s not as much written about him as there is about pirates that came later in sunnier climes; something about the difficulty with embracing high seas adventures set in the Baltic by people preferring warmer climes, maybe?  Heck, I can get more info about Trio than Störtebeker, and they had a much shorter, less colorful career than he had…

My question is, why this crime now?  Considering his lionization by the East Germans, and his relative obscurity amongst non-Deutchlanders, what’s left for motive other than pranking?  And if that’s the case and the skull is later recovered, is it going to be on continuous rotation like Munch’s “The Scream”?

If this is what the future holds for his remains, given a choice, would Störtebeker have prefered the gibbet…?

Going on the Account: Part the Two Hundred Eighth

Part the Two Hundred Eighth is now up, and may be read here.

And don’t forget, there’s still time to contribute to the Comic Creators Alliance campaign.  You can do your part to end human trafficking by making a contribution that will be thanked wth a wallpaper for your computer that contains fine art by some of the most generous and talented folks online today, all together on one panel. 

And did I mention how gracious they all were, as they let me make a meager contribution to this effort as well?  Yes, there really is RAGING GAIL artwork out there, if you know where to look…

Going on the Account: Put to the Parley

There was an announcement today about Amazon’s new royalty rates for authors being published via Kindle.

And to be honest, what they’re offering through this (he said before he read the fine print, which may make him change his mind…) is mighty tempting.  Which makes me wonder if doing a version of this novel for Kindle, with a few less cliffs to hang off of as parts get combined into longer chapters for the sake of flow, as well as adding some value added materials, might be worth it.

To which I throw open to you the question:  If this were available in a Kindle format, would you be interested?  If not you, would you know anyone who might be interested in such an offering?

Going on the Account: Pirates Far and Near

Two items of interest:

* There was a gun battle between pirates over the release of the Maran Centarus.  One gang seized the ship, harbored her on another gang’s turf promising to split the ransom, and when the deal went down someone got greedy.  According to Jay Bahadur, this looks to be the first time pirate gangs have turned on each other over a prize.

You’d think with everything else that’s gone wrong over there, the last thing the region needs is a criminal turf war… And no, there is no bright side to that; if the factions do start going after each other, in addition to the pain and misery inherent in such acts, the survivors of such strife become tougher to deal with, and be an intractable threat that will not be resolved without yet more blood.

* Meanwhile, last week (right before disaster in Haiti pushed much all else to the side) there was a portrait of Gilberto Sanchez, the man who uploaded WOLVERINE to the consternation of Fox

Like most folks before and now who’ve gone on the account, he wandered into it knowing what was involved, and yet not realizing how big a score he’d come across.  If his account checks out, and his main crime is uploading a pirate copy he bought from someone else, will the other folks involved be thrown in the gibbet as hard as Sanchez was?  If not, it would do a lot of harm to the fair and balanced application of justice by News Corp. on its behalf…

Going on the Account: Further Courses Closed

It’s already been discussed here how Publisher’s Row in closing its gates to new sources by eliminating all paths to submission other than through agents.

Now comes word that Hollywood is doing much of the same, with Diablo Cody maybe being the last out-of-system talent being allowed a chance to sell a script.

Suddenly, the phrase “Prepare to be boarded!” is far more likely to be spoken by a writer without a rep who will do damn near anything to have a manuscript read…

Going on the Account: Part the Two Hundred Seventh

Part the Two Hundred Seventh is now up, and may be read here.

I also want to remind folks about the Comic Creator Alliance’s campaign against human trafficking, which is still looking for your support.  There’s only a week left to fight for justice through your contributions.

I also ask that when you go to the above link, you check out some of the works from the other contributors who also provided characters to the wallpaper.  There’s some great stories out there being told by talented folks who would love to share their work with you.