Going on the Account: Um, About That Rescue…

Word just came in that the Chinese have paid the ransom for the De Xin Hai.

For all the talk about China exerting herself in the region, as discussed here at the time, in the end they paid up, much the way they do elsewhere.  There was a drop of four million US dollars, according to the pirates, and the ship’s now free to go.

It’s hard to say what we can come away with from this.  That bravado and bluster are still with us long after six pounders have been replaced with cruise missiles on warships, and still as effective?  That when it comes to taking hostages at sea, there’s rarely a happy ending involved for the victims?  That there’s still plenty of incentives out there to encourage picking up an AK-47 and getting in the motor boat?

The best we can say is that, thankfully, there are 25 less sailors being held hostage, and that the story continues on the Indian Ocean…

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