Going on the Account: Yo Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! and a Bottle of Rum fot the Egg Nog…

It’s Christmas here, and my best to everyone enjoying this holiday as well.

I did all right under the tree; Susan got me Peter Leeson’s THE INVISIBLE HOOK, which I’m looking forward to reading over the week.  Well, when I’m not busy writing Hope out of her predicament…

For folks looking for other pirates to follow during the next week (if you have off), there’s always:

  • THE WANNABEE PIRATES by Largent and McCrary, which updates five days a week with the main story, about probably the most inept pirate since the buccaneers Bob Hope faced in THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE.  And if you’re looking for more serious fare, they have a Saturday only strip on the same site, GRAYHAWK AND THE STARBUCKLERS OF THE CARIBBEAN.  In addition to all the goodness of having pirates in space, there’s the fact that our hero’s home port is on Earth, in the Carib during the Golden Age of Piracy, which means that in addition to space pirates, you get pirates as we think of them too.  What’s not to like here?


  • CELESTE THE PRIATE by Lily Mountjoy and Peter Prellwitz, where the story came into being in pure piratanical fashion:  A supporting character on the main strip, ANGEL OF ST. THOMAS, seized and boarded the site and commandeered it for her origin tale.  Celeste’s story is set in the 1700s as she starts her pursuit of the Sweet Trade, and can be read by new readers unfamiliar with the main tale, which is probably being held for ransom in the hold until Celeste’s finished her solo adventures.  My hat’s off to Lily and Pete for what’s turning into a great tale of a woman at sea.


Speaking of other pirates out there, there’s a year-end assessment of the suppression of Somali piracy ventures by the AP.  Bottom line:  Double the attempts, but close to the same number of seizures.  Which means lots of folks are going to be on station for a while until the marines get the call to hit the beach…

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