Going on the Account: Writ Ahoy!

I got word of a contest on boingboing.net that asks contributors to mash two writers’ styles/works.  I made an entry, which compared with some of other works there looks pretty pathetic; I probably should have gone with my original idea, below:


Picture yourself in a realm where John Lennon was writing a song for SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HERTS CLUB BAND, but instead of seeing a poster for Mister Kite’s benefit, had instead before him copies of certain plays by Shakespeare and Stoppard:

For the benefit of the Prince of Danes

There will be a show this day

In Elsinore

The players will put on a show

That Hamlet hopes will let him know

What is the score

‘Tween him and Claudius he’ll try

To find out where

His guilty heart does lie

The play will catch the conscience of the King!

The players will perform their acts

So Hamlet can soon learn the facts

About Gertrude

And whether she had had a hand

In killing dad to seize his land

Oh how rude!

Until Hamlet is sure of whether

Dad’s ghost can be trusted,

He’ll act mad

And to Ophelia he’ll be a cad!

The players will hence depart

In order to pursuer their art

Off in England

Hamlet will with them then go

Perhaps to do another show

He’ll give a hand

His handlers will end up

Not having anything to do

With the next stand

For Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead! 


As I said, there’s a lot of good entries on the site (many far better than mine, admittedly), and if you can get them something before Friday the 18th you might be in the running for the prize they’re offering!

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