Going on the Account: Cast Them Not In Irons!

I found out today about Comic Creator’s Alliance and their campaign to do their part in an effort to end human trafficking.  

This group of webcomic creators is putting together a wallpaper to offer for a donation to support Love146 and Gracehaven, two organizations involved in fighting child slavery and the domestic sex trade.  It’s an effort that deserves the support of every decent person out there.

These are issues that I myself feel strongly about, on a number of grounds.  The main one is a matter of social justice, the belief that civilization is both founded on and striving forward to a better expression of the ideals that every person, regardless of background, gender or belief, is entitled to equitable treatment and respect.  

Human trafficking flies in the face of that-  No, it spits in the face of that, right before a full-on roundhouse assault to push you down and dehumanize you.  It’s the antithesis of thousands of years of culture, empathic belief and our understanding of what it means to be both human and good.

That shouldn’t be a surprise to readers noticing all the pirates in the novel here.  Pirates in the New World often ended up in the Sweet Trade on the grounds of social justice issues, real or imagined.  In fiction, there were a number of buccaneers going to sea to right wrongs, such as Sabatini’s Captain Blood and Charlotte de Berry, but there were far more in real life; one of the best sources for pirates were indentured servants and slaves who were brought over to work the newly claimed colonies, which a paper put online by the Whydah Museum discusses eloquently.

Think about it:  Many of the freebooters from the Golden Age of Piracy were the first abolitionists…

The other main ground is as a father.  I have a son, who has among his friends a lot of young ladies, any of whom could well end up suffering fates that this effort is fighting.  On those grounds alone, for all the kids, this must have your support.

And one of the better ways to support this is to donate for the wallpaper when it’s ready.  This wallpaper will be featuring one female character provided by each creator joining the cause, which means over fifty characters on a single page.  It’d be like going to one of the comic book companies with a sole piece of paper and getting everyone working there to do a figure on it, leaving you with something to give the cover of SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND a run for the money…

All kidding aside, among the folks providing a character are some creators whose work I’ve been following online from just about the beginning:


Now imagine all of their good work with quite a few talented peers on the same donation wallpaper, and you have a good reason to do at least this for the cause.

If you feel compelled to go beyond and contribute to the organizations supported by this wallpaper, or any other group addressing the issue, by all means do.  Contribute, volunteer, advocate; and if it’s not possible to do any of that, than at least making a donation for the wallpaper is a step forward in bringing our better angels to the fore.

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  1. I’m definitely behind you on supporting these people. Slavery of any sort should not be tolerated.

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