Going on the Account: Dead Men Tell No Respected Tales?

The reviews are starting to come in for Michael Crichton’s PIRATE LATITUDES, a surprise discovered after the author’s death on his hard drive (the 21st century equivalent of the bottom drawer, perhaps?):


  • The NY TIMES didn’t think much of it, noting that its weaknesses may be due to the manuscript not being polished up before his death
  • ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY right with the first sentence that it might have been better had it not seen the light of day
  • The AP review via MSNBC was even less kind
  • Notice at THE WALL STREET JOURNAL cites the first two reviews as well as the review at PEOPLE WEEKLY along the same ilk, and has link to an excerpt from Chapter 6; the excerpt sort of speaks for itself…


If nothing else, it encouraged a Flash-animated spot for the book from the UK, soon to be followed by a film adaptation to be directed by Steven Spielberg, which means more interest in pirates to come from the same wide audience that showed up when Disney released the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films.





As a side note, discussions of Crichton’s work mention that part of the crew of privateers assembled includes the pirate Lazue, a wily French woman who is an accomplished sea artist.


No, I don’t want to go there; nope, won’t even try…

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