Going on the Account: These Be Pirates Now?

While it’s been fairly quiet in the waters off Somalia and in the Philippines (yes, everyone who made headlines for being seized the last few weeks is still in captivity for now), there were a few pirate-y pieces of news out there to note:


  • The story of the hackers who hijacked a small business’ phone system got called pirates by those covering the story, including Mike Lynch who discusses it in his blog.  What surprises me is the number of calls to Somalia, coming to over $17,000 worth; with supposition elsewhere about how transnational criminal networks have a major hand in the Puntland pirates (as described in this middle section of an article on a potentially NSFW site), it’s surprising that authorities other than the Better Business Bureau aren’t getting involved; I’m surprised Mark Swimmer isn’t sending copies of these numbers to Interpol for cross-checks…


  • There’s been some press about the film PIRATE RADIO, which isn’t really about pirates per se.  Actually, it describes the unlicensed radio stations that operated off the coast of England that gave rock music in the 1960s a platform it needed, as England had very strict control over what music could be played at different times.  And yes, the movie uses history as a springboard into the depths of fiction, as do most films (the source of a longer rant that I’d be better able to start, save that both my machine and myself are now on the mend from different ailments and are just too damn tired to tackle…); if the film had wanted to keep its pirate creed, they could have dramatized Major Oliver Smedley’s pirate radio career, which might have made for a more exciting film.

 Then again, the fact that the movie was originally titled THE BOAT THAT ROCKED and was repackaged before coming to the US does sort of add to its pirate creed; sailing under false flags and all, savvy?


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