Going on the Account: Pirates Ashore to Starboard…

Today came word of two brazen sets of buccaneers who don’t appear to practice a lot of seamanship…


Paramount Pictures sent a letter to the FCC discussing the amount of pirated content available on the Internet, as part of an effort to impact the debate on net neutrality in a way that protects them.  In addition to discussing in detail oh this summer’s release of STAR TREK worked its way through the pirate chain, they included a chart with the following headline:


            Piracy has advanced from…  GEEK  to  SLEEK


You can take whatever stance you wish about a statement like that…


#  Piracy of the silly kind hitting silly people raised a few eyebrows, as NJ Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie ripped off MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS in an ad for his campaign.  (Full disclosure time:  I know Martin Lewis pretty well socially, and…  Well, that’s about it, really…)  Considering how many pirates show up amongst the Pythons, something like this was probably inevitable…


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