Going on the Account: Refiguring the Tonnage

I saw this week the article in the TIMES about ELECTRIC LITERATURE.  What struck me was the description of “Twitter literature,” the delivery of content by tweets to an audience willing to invite a writer’s streams to interrupt their lives.


And part of me asked, if I had had that option at the beginning of this project, what that might have looked like.


I did a little quick figuring that over the course of two parts, I can have about 45 sentences posted in the twice a week format I use now.  Assuming that I keep each sentence to the 140-character limit (with the same vigilance I use to keep the word count per part to no more than 550 words, unless the narrative benefits from bending that rule), that means I could have each sentence carried by its own tweet.


And keeping up with the current per week output, that means you’d be receiving about six sentences a day from me.  Seven days a week.


Yeah, I think Twitter’s future in literature rests more comfortably in short fiction, too…

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