Going on the Account: Pirates All Around Us

  • It appears there’s a political movement out there called the U.S. Pirate Party.  No, it’s not a social group that downs rum drinks with Jolly Rogers in their glasses, but a real political movement that has copyright reform as one of its planks (hence the pirate name).  For those of you thinking that pirates have no place in politics, remember Henry Morgan’s governorship and John Hancock’s smuggling career; with those models at hand, who’s to say…


  • If you’re looking for pirates away from Somalia, there’s the waters of the Philippines.  The account of the abduction of Father Sinnott sounds more like a party a-viking than traditional seizure at sea, though kidnapping from onshore is not out of the ordinary for activities any pirate might put on the ‘to-do’ list.  There’s not a lot of info out there about ‘Commander Ingo,’ the man the Philippine Army believes is responsible for this kidnapping; we’ll have to see what happens as this develops.


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