Going on the Account: Under the Weather

I may have problems getting a new chapter or two up next week due to illness.


No, not me, my machine.  I already described my fight with the malware that affected the machine I was working on, and I’ve spent far more time this week focusing on drives and downloads than brigantines and buccaneers.  I’m still working to get the little SOB to behave, and may have to go as far as to wipe the disk and start anew, if it comes to that.


Needless to say, the writing’s coming in second, and rather than make you sit through second-tier material (and the next one of you that inserts a crack tied to that line…), I may have to delay uploading the next parts of the story.  I should be able to post on time tonight, but after that it could be touch-and-go.


My apologies for the unexpected delay.  My hope is that this will be anywhere between brief and a non-factor, and we can then put this all behind us.

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