Going on the Account: Part the One Hundred Seventy Seventh (FINALLY!)

Part the One Hundred Seventy Seventh is now up, after a considerable struggle of my own against boarders and an active act of piracy…


Right before I posted, I turned on my machine and found it under attack by a piece of malware called Security Tool.  Nasty little SOB; it kept asking me to register in order that it could clean my system, then shut me offline when I tried to ignore it.  Worse, the longer I tried to look away, the more insistent it got, to the point of shutting off all but itself.


Stand and deliver indeed…


Well, four hours, a few phone calls to some good friends with a few smarts, some downloading and hacking, a littleconsiderable amount of aggravation, and surprisingly little rum to kill the pain (but I may end up with some after I get this up), I finally repelled these electronic boarders from their lair (which has all the earmarks of an Eastern European/Russian cyber-shakedown, though I can’t say exactly where the shots came from).  They say we all suffer for our art, though I never imagined it would ever have taken this form…


In any event, the delayed chapter may be read here.

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