Going on the Account: Always Have a Watch on Station…

Just heard about a Somali effort to take a ship outside Mogdishu harbor

Of particular interest is the action described, taking ships at the harbor mouth, which according to the article necessitates an escourt by the police.  What’s striking about this is how close in the action is now to shore; after efforts to strike as far out in the Indian Ocean as possible, to hear that they’re moving in to shore now to claim prizes is either an act of brazenness or desperation.  The later, we can imagine, thanks to the combined navies patroling the waters off shore (with or without the help of the Swiss); the former because the new Somali navy isn’t considered a threat by them yet (if ever).



Speaking of people to keep a watch on, yesterday Colonel Gaddafi made his first speech at the UN, which he stated among other things (in a personal act of piracy, taking 90 minutes instead of the allotted 15 to address the General Asembly):

“We [the international community] are the pirates, not the Somalis, for what we have done to their coasts and fishing.”


With friends like these on their side, it’s amazing more Somali pirates don’t pool their resources to get better PR out there than this…

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