Going on the Account: Up in Arms on Land and Sea

For those trying to keep score at home, the US has signed the New York Declaration (yeah home reference…) that among other things commits us to encouraging best management practices in keeping ships in the area from being easy targets, and to coordinating resources with the other signators to working on a solution to the matter.  The online article in the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION mentions in the sidebar as well the Somali effort to recruit and train a navy for the first time since 1991.


Hey, Woodes Rogers started small too…


And if this pirate contest isn’t to taste, the folks at WIRED weighed in on the pirates-vs-ninjas debate.  I can’t say I much agree with the reasons they give for choosing who they’d pick, which I can wait for you to read first before I weigh in…

Go on, I’m still here…

OK, my big beef with the ranking system:  Motivation.  Ninjas , as agents for hire, had the ability to walk away from a task if they wished (and could probably do so without question if they wished; would YOU call a ninja chicken?).  A mission comes up, and if a ninja felt it wasn’t worth the effort (too well defended, got paid by the target last week, etc.), he or she could find a good reason not to go forward with it.


Pirates, no the other hand, tended to live hand-to-mouth while pursuing a career where failure offered no mercy.  The one prize you fail to get, the one time the Crown’s authorities (or the naval vessel that’s part of the Real Coalition of the Willing)  catches you, and the axiom about a pirate’s life being a happy but short one comes to play.  No disrespect intended, but I don’t recall hearing too may tales of ninjas ending up in the gibbet, a horrible way to end your days, and a damned good motivator to be at your best 24/7. 


Unlike the shadowy ninja who could claim to be Clark Kent-san or Karen Starr-san when things got too hot, our beleaguered buccaneer had only two options: advance or die.  And with that hanging over his or her head, that made pirates, opponents with nothing to lose, damned dangerous indeed.


Advantage: Pirates!  (Or at the least a point to even out that score..)



And if that’s not the game ye be looking at, here’s what the latest digi-pirates are going after…

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