Going on the Account: Raising and Lowering Their Anchors

Word today from VARIETY is that Steven Spielberg will be adapting Michael Crichton’s PIRATE LATITUDES for the screen


How excited you may be over this probably depends on how well you received HOOKwhen it was released.  Based on that, Speilberg certainly proved he’s capable of rigging a ship well for the camera.  Of course, the director who did that film went through a few shifts in focus (no pun intended) as he expanded his subjects beyond what he was doing in 1991, so as they say on financial commercials, past performance is no guarantor of success.


For that matter, you could say the same about Crichton.  There’s a big gulf in terms of what to expect between 1969’s THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN and 2004’s STATE OF FEAR.  As the book’s so far unpublished (due to hit shelves November 24th), it’s hard to say where on that scale it’s like to end up.  And it certainly seems something of a departure for him to throw himself into a pirate tale set in 1665.


Says the kid from New York who was better known before now for horror-SF tales set in the 20th century along with a few gaming articles…




Speaking of sea tales, mention must be made of ODYSSEUS THE REBEL by Steven Grant and Scott Beiser.  The link here takes you to the start of the online graphic novel, which just finished uploading updates.


This adaptation of Homer’s THE ODYSSEY is especially interesting for its main conceit, that Odysseus’ wanderings stem from refusing to acknowledge the primacy of the gods over men.  The idea of re-casting this Greek hero as a champion for human determination and self-reliance is a unique approach, and works well as a fresh way to re-visit the story.  And in addition, the artwork is incredible; their rendition of the visit to Hell is worth the price of admission alone.

The end of the novel leaves me sorry that I won’t have anything new to look forward to; but all good tales do come to a good end.  Still, this is a great tale to revisit; good enough even to pick up the printed version of, for enjoyment away from the machine.  You can click here for helpful purchasing information on how to get your hands on a grand graphic novel.

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