Going on the Account: Random Entries from the Log

aka How I Spent My Summer Vacation, in no real order:

  • The lure of the sea was never quite as strong as the need to go online; next time I hit the road, I either go someplace where being wired is out of the question, like Antarctica, or bring my own gear to stay tethered to Virtualopolis
  • Some things can be scarier than a full gale at its height, like a pissed-off CTA bus driver for whom the phrase “run over pedestrians are merely collateral damage” could serve as a badge of honor…
  • Chicago was bonkers of buccaneers this summer in support of the exhibit at the Field (more of which I’ll discuss in a later post); I’m not sure if it was the Field Museum or sponsor National Geographic who put up the doubloons for the many banners, standards and plaster pirates that adorned the Loop, but it was an impressive campaign
  • The Fest for Beatles Fans was a happy gathering, all said; the sutlers didn’t do outstanding trade with the attendees, though there were a few satisfied cases, and as long as Jamie had the time of his life we’d have to have had a major disaster to not call it a success
  • The question of how comfortably you could have a work of fiction that had as elements both the Beatles and pirates came up a few times; there may be a way to work with these (cue the maniacal devilish laughter…)
  • There’s an old saw about a sailor who wished to retire, who took an oar over his shoulder and proceeded inland.  It was said that when he got to a place where someone spying the oar would comment about the silly-looking piece of wood he was carrying, he’d put it down and call that spot his resting place.  My folks have a place that used to be a lot like that, a good few years behind the rest of the world where you were miles away from fast food and cable TV; modernity has closed the gap on it a bit, but it still feels far enough from everything that you can it your resting place, if even for a very short time
  • The exhibit in Montreal was interesting in ways I’m not sure either I expected or the curators intended; more on this when I write on the matter in detail
  • Two weeks is sometimes just not enough
  • Of course the rest of the world didn’t take off while I was away; the entire drama of the Arctic Sea played out while I was away from most interactive sources, though the latest on the hijacking shows that there’s going to be more questions than answers in the near term…

I’m getting things re-started bright and early tomorrow; the next part’s going up bright and early as we re-start the hunt for the Little Plate Fleet, and what happens when the Gale pursues a rumor only to face a deadly reality…

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