Going on the Account: How We Play the Game Today

Just got a reference to an article in WIRED’s online edition that looks at the Somali pirates from a strictly economic viewpoint.


What’s interesting in reading the article is how much of what was done by crews in the Carib during the Golden Age of Piracy from an organizational standpoint has been adopted by the Somalis.  In particular, the division of shares is in accordance with buccaneer practices, especially if one considers the village elders sanctioning the raids serving the same function as a colonial governor issuing letters of marque.


There’s a game attached to the article as well to play, to give the reader some hands-on experience with the concepts discussed in the piece.  It’s interesting in its basic simplicity and simple commande; it’s not going to displace anyone’s affections for Sid Meier’s Pirates! by any stretch of the imagination, but still…  If you try it, you can let me and others know what you thought of the game here.

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