Going on the Account: Eyes to the West

Now this, I could see going to SDCC for…


All kidding aside, this year I wasn’t be able to do San Diego Comic Con.  And sadly, that’s about the status quo here…


Still, no need to moan like Cinderella about not making the ball.  I am trying to get out on the road and meet more folks that way, and hoping to hit more places in the future.  I’ve got an event I’m doing in Chicago shortly (though not the one you’d expect…) and am always on the lookout for places to raid and pillage show up and talk about pirates, writing and whatever else I can get out before they ask me to leave.


So I am hoping to get some dates down to take the act on the road.  And when I have a big meal this weekend, I’m likely to say as I do every year over the blessing of the wine, “Next year in Jerusalem San Diego…”

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