Going on the Account: You Oughta Be in (Four-Color) Pictures…

So I’ve got a moment to try and gather myself, catching up on correspondence, when I find a link at Brad Guigar’s EVIL INC. for MARVEL SUPERHEROES WHAT THE–?! #3:  The Problem With Pirates…    If you have problems seeing Modok or the Punisher trying on pirate garb, or problems seeing Howard the Duck period, there might be reason enough not to hit that link…


[EDIT:  The big joke here is that Modok is pirating what he calls “chick flicks,” the writers believing that going for such booty would be the last thing a pirate would want.  Apparently that assumption’s wrong…]


Of course, it gets the mind to wander (he said getting ready to go off again…):  You’d think, all things considered, that there’d be more pirates in comics.  Colorful adventures by people who dressed colorfully (if we set the tale during the Golden Age of Piracy) seems a natural.  The boards at Comic Book Resources have a thread about pirates in comics that makes some great recommendations and supports this theory, though there are a few others not given there that deserve some note:

 * THE WANNABE PIRATES by Largent & McCraryis a twice weekly online strip detailing the adventures of a crew with great ambitions but not a lot of talent.  Both of our crews first set sail online very close to one another, but that’s all they’re likely to share; somehow I can’t see a parley between Errol Flemm and Abigail Sanders going that well…


* HERE THERE BE ROBOTS by Jonah and Jeremy Gregory  is the story of two aliens visiting Earth in the present, who become pirates in the Carib after an accident sends them back in time, along with the robots whose doomsday device is responsible for the hijinks that follow.  For a pirate tale with robots and aliens, it feels remarkably right.


* “Tales of the Black Freighter” from the WATCHMEN Universe by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons deserves mention if for no other reason than just its sheer audacity.  Intended as a device to move along and reflect the plot of the novel, there’s enough interest out there of the piece that it gets fans separate from the main work; a reconstruction of the story as a stand alone piece has been put together on the web, and  Warner Brothers gave the device a stand alone DVD treatment (with plans to incorporate it into the director’s cut of WATCHMEN this summer). 


Which begs the question, where’s the rest of the Brethren of the Coast to come forth and sail the funny papers?  I’m sure I must be missing something (so what else is new?), and am open to shared suggestions…

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