Going on the Account: The Course We Took to Get Here

As part of the coverage Americans are immersing themselves in thanks to the Maersk Alabama seizure (which as of this postingis still a standoff, the captain and his captors in the lifeboat tailed by the USS Bainbridge and Halyburton), the AP posted this 101 piece on the Somali pirate movement.


Much like all bands of pirates, the Somalis too are driven by status and economics.  While there are considerable difference between these pirates and the ones in popular memory (the ones portrayed by Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp), there are the same underlying causes for these groups, and indeed all pirates.  When any population is marginalized and feels the need to grab the wealth that goes past them, then becomes driven to grab more and more of it, you have the perfect breeding ground for pirates.


For all the claims of the difference between Jack Sparrow and Ahmed Mohamed Nur, they both have a lot more that they share.  It’s not too much of a stratch to see them across the table from each other, swapping stories…


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