Going on the Account: Snapped Yardarm

This post is taking a while for me to compopse, because I dislocated a shoulder and am trying to type this with one hand.


I’ll do my best not to have this get in the way of uploading chapters, but as fair warning to the readers I felt some notice was due in case the updates get affected.  Posting things here may be a bit of a labor, and e-mails I owe folks may take longer to get there.


Funny thing about this:  First it’s Anne Onymous over at THE WOTCH, then me.  They say these come in threes; any one want to place a line on who’s next?


(And that’s about as good as my jokes get when the painkillers start to lapse…)

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  1. Mike

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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