Going on the Account: At Full Beam with the Bandwagon

For those looking for pirate media that doesn’t come from Disney, the trailer was released today for Tales of the Black Freighter.  


This component of the graphic novel WATCHMEN is part of an alternate world where, among other changes to our history, the existence of real superheroes made DC turn away from superhero books and instead publish pirate comics.   A world where Superman got shown the door to make way for Blackbeard, on some level, seems to not be that bad a place, though the whole Nixon-every-four-years bit might drive me nuts after a while…


In any event, the comic-within-the-graphic-novel is getting its own release, first as a stand-alone DVD to come out about the time the movie hits theaters, and then later getting incorporated into the extended DVD release of the film.  If you prefer pirates over superheroes, however, you have the option of getting the DVD and ignoring the film entirely; and if you want to get a sample, the trailer is posted here.

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