Going on the Account: Back from Liberty Call

I’ve just wrapped up my stand at New York Comic Con (which was actually more of a stroll-cum-schlep, really), and I was glad to meet all the folks there, both the ones I looked forward to finding and the new encounters.


I wanted to thank first the people who I was looking forward to meeting.  They do great work online, which encouraged me to advertise on their sites (though just to be clear, I’m a fan of theirs first and foremost before you could call me a sponsor):


·        Brad Guigar, whose work you can see at Evil Inc.

·        Joe Dunn and Phil Chan over at Digital PIMP Online / Joe Loves Crappy Movies

·        Phil Folio, the master of Airship Entertainment, responsible for Girl Genius, Buck Godot and What’s New?

·        Scott Bieser, the artist on Odysseus the Rebel (where the Greek gods are approached in a very unique way that Homer might never have considered)

·        Kevin Freeman, writer for SubCulture and Editor in Chief at Ape Entertainment

·        Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza, the team behind Looking for Group over at Blind Ferret Entertainment



In addition to these fine folk, I met some people who introduced me to their work, which I’m starting to go through right now and will be able to fully enjoy once I’m over the Con Rush (which to those who’ve never had it, feels like being at sea for nine days in the doldrums with no fresh water):


·        Alfred University’s Drawn to Diversity Program, an effort to open up equality through creativity

·        SKY PIRATES OF VALENDOR from Free Lunch Comics, who while they come from a fantasy world where their ships fly are still pirates

·        Justin Murphy’s CLEBURNE, a historic graphic novel set during the American Civil War with a true tale of a Confederate general who thought emancipation might save the South

·        Mark Tarrant’s THE BLOOD RIDER, a tale of a vampire gunslinger that came out as both a novel and comic simultaneously (have to admire the planning and foresight in that)

·        Thomas F. Zahler’s LOVE AND CAPES, a comedy about a romance between a sweet woman and the man she fell in love with – a man who happens to have a secret identity as a superhero


I also got word of a fascinating upcoming project, but until I hear more from the creators I don’t dare steal their thunder.  All I can say of it here is, if you like tales of pirates, then this will thrill you immensely…


Yes, I took Jamie’s advice, which my son gave me all three days before I went to the Javits Center, and had fun too.  Among the highlights:


·        Neal Adams, an artist I’ve followed since he did GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW with Denny O’Neil, joking with me when he found out I was a writer about how the days of going out and getting fall-down drunk every are such an essential element in my line of work

·        Shaking hands with Colin Baker, the sixth actor to play the Doctor

·        Watching the new FUTURAMA film and clips from Pixar’s UP (and no, I did not shoot these with my phone and have a link I can send you too; I write about pirates, but I’m not one myself)

·        Watching Peter David show up for a Marvel panel late and grab the room with skill and grace; having done panels at other conventions, I was in awe at a performance that was one to marvel (no pun intended)

·        Attending the “Representation of Women in Comics” panel, which had some wonderful speakers and did a great job discussing the subject with application to other forms of storytelling as well (something of course of great interest to me)

·        The costumed revelers who brought the color of Mardi Gras to the hall, without the wild antics that just don’t play well off Bourbon Street



The main thing I came away with was the cacophony of ideas and expression as thousands of folk came together to share a creative vibe, ideas crossing means of expressions as the comics fans rubbed against the gamers as the collectables folks threaded the throngs.  It’s all something of a warm blur right now, which means if you ran into me and feel I should have said something above, please let me know.


And now, time to ring eight bells and roll over; tomorrow, there’s no con to go to, which will take a little adjusting to…


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