Going on the Account: Struck Colors

The MV Faina is being released.  The ship that brought the rest of the world’s attention to the waters off Somalia is going on its way (wherever that was; there’s still some question as to its real port of call…) for a ransom that’s a big step down from the originally requested $20M; suchis the state of the economy, you could say…


With the Faina going back to sea, the question begged is, will the world look away again?  The number of incidents have been reported in those waters has fallen off, thanks to the Real Coalition of the Willing combined with stability coming ashore, so it’s possible that the theatre will take on the vibe of a party winding down.  And with our attention spans when following a situation wired to perk up only during the chase, never in the midst of the denouement, we could find ourselves reading about the last Somali pirate being caught with the reaction of, “Oh right, I think I kinda remember something about that…”


My hope is that the world doesn’t start looking away now.  There’s still a lot of work to be done here, and the solution to this carries with it strategies that could be applied to cure other crisis areas in need of aid.  What tools are used to fix the Somali situation could be used for the next failed society; let’s hope the solutions chosen are just and right.

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