Going on the Account: A Year Before the Mast

January 15th:  The first anniversary of RAGING GAIL.  I wish I’d something more profound to offer here, but I spent most of my mojo on my Patrick McGoohan tribute.  Maybe next year…


Yes, I said ‘next year’ above.  This novel is only coming to you at 550 words or so per installment, and even at twice a week that’s still less words over time than you’d get reading a newspaper or visiting a blog a few times a week. 


Why is each burst so tiny?” you ask.  Well, in theory, putting the parts in such small bits should make it easier for readers who might be enjoying the work via a mobile device, like an iPhone or Black Berry, to follow along in real time.  So far I haven’t gotten any complaints from any of these readers; not a lot of comments either, though, so if you’re part of this audience, please let me know how this is working out.


I want to thank everyone who’s been there from the very start, keeping up along with the work as it progresses.  And I want to also thank the readers coming in during the course of the run who discovered the novel and stayed.  A few words of appreciation too to the folks that came and left for at least giving it a chance; yeah, they may be missing this, but it was still nice that they were here for even a brief spell.


Again, my thanks for being here, and hopefully we’ll all be well met come next January 15th.

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