Going on the Account: Sing Out if Ye Seen This…

I know I’m not the first online novel out there, but I had no idea that a preceding project was done by a rock god!


While looking up something else, the Lovely and Talented Susan came across reference to the online novel “The Boy Who Heard Music” by Pete Townshend.  We tried following every link we could find to it, but we ended up with nada.  The fact that descriptions of the work now refer to it as a staged musical makes me think the original version is like William Gibson’s “Agrippa,” now a piece of vaporware that left impressions like a one night performance that you just had to be there for if you wanted to experience it.


So I open the floor to the readers: If anyone knows where to find the original version of “The Boy Who Heard Music,” the wife and I would be greatly indebted to you.  Any links, reposts, anything, please sing out; like swashbucklers of old, I be willing to engage in a little smuggling…

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