Going on the Account: Not a False Flag

OK, my apologies to everyone with how Part 97 and the About page currently look. I went in to do some edits (change links in posts for ease of navigation), and my formatting went awry; it’s no longer the font or color I had when I originally posted them. And try as I might, every time I insert what should be the right codes to give me the appearce and color I want, with every update I post the codes disappear. It’s a full-fledged mutiny here!

Truth to tell, ever since WordPress went to 2.7, I have been having the Devil’s time trying to deal with it. Having to re-learn the interface has been a task in and of itself, but now that I can’t get the page to look the way I want it to, I’m losing faith in my platform. The last thing I need is a set of technical issues that take up time that should be spent on the work itself; it’s like worrying about how the book is bound by the printer instead of how it’s written.

I’m calling for help from anyone who either has technical knowledge about how to now make WordPress behave, or knows someone who has that knowledge. I’m not wedded to the theme I’m using and may re-launch with a new one if I have to, but just getting this one to do as I say will work as well. I don’t want to have to chuck WordPress and sent change-of-address notices about the URL, unless absolutely necessary; let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


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