Going on the Account: Like Messages in a Bottle

I’m sometimes asked, “Why are you doing a novel online for free?”  Implicit in the question is the observation, “If your work was any good, someone would pay you for it.”


Of course, even if that were true, it’s not like it’s a seller’s market.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has stopped accepting manuscripts, which would probably affect me more if I had an agent to represent me.  (And of course an agent, wanting to work with known quantities as opposed to riskier ones, will only consider clients with a history, which becomes hard to establish if you need an agent to build a history, but we’ve all heard that Catch-22 gripe before.)  And according to Sara Nelson, this may not be the only house in town shutting its doors to new material in the near term.


So now, the good news is, I can state that I have a reason for being online and sharing this with you:  I can at least offer fresh content!

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