Going on the Account: Sirius Star

The buzz from the Indian Ocean is about the seizure of the MV Sirius Star.  And if you think taking the tanks on the Faina was provocative, the Somali pirates have certainly drawn a lot of anxious attention now. 


Two million barrels of oil as part of the booty makes you very likely to get painted by a targeting laser, even if oil’s been trending downward of late ($54.95/bbl on NYM at close today).  Considering how far off shore she was when seized, these folks either had some really good intel or some pretty decent luck when it came time to take the Sirius Star.


It’s reaching the point where the forces on station may have to make a choice between convoy operations and shore interdiction.  The former would disrupt too much ship traffic during an economic crisis, and there’s no appetite for the later after Resolution 794/Operation Restore Hope led to only transient stability when boots hit the ground in Somalia.


Anyone want to place bets on when the Modern Age of Piracy leads to a new theatre in the War on Terror?

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