Going on the Account: Action Off the Coast of Somalia?

Not one to pass along scuttlebutt, but word is that there’s been action with that shipment of tanks seized in Somalia


A few things to note: The action was observed by those aboard the USS Howard which with an AEGIS system and a heavy ECM package required for carrier protection gives them considerable ability to observe what’s going on over there.  Unless of course they’re just making this all up, which would be either very unprofessional or an interesting piece of PSYOPS…


It’s also worth noting that these tanks weren’t meant for Kenya as originally reported.  Which wouldn’t be the first time an act of piracy having consequences beyond the grab for cash (cf. the Saint Patrick story)…



And in the process of making sure I got that last link posted, this came over the wires at the TIMES, an interview with the pirates themselves.  I can only imagine what Blackbeard’s press agent, given a chance to access the media,  might have had to say on behalf of his or her client…

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