Going On The Account: When Pirates Meet Singing Supervillains

Some of you may be looking at the banner on the front page and asking, “Wha’the…?”  At first, it seems incongruous that a novel about pirates would carry a banner for a musical featuring supervillains.  And by most metrics, yes, it is a stretch to go from one to the other, suggesting Dr. Horrible to everyone.


Until you read Joss Whedon’s mission statement on the site.


At that, the connections become more apparent.  Both this site and his are forming a direct relationship with the audience, looking for ways to present a piece without being beholden to a system that one could argue does not work well.  Where we both parallel is in our desire to prove that there is a way to create and share something that allows artists to concentrate more on the work than the process.


Take a moment sometime to look at the book you’re reading that was printed by a publishing house.  Then ask, ‘Who is this person, and how did he/she get this manuscript published?’  Then ask yourself questions about how actor so-and-so got to work with director such-and-such on the movie or TV show you’re watching.


The more you ask, and the deeper you delve into these questions for answers, the more the movement by artists to go directly to the audience makes sense. 


I for one wish Joss the best of luck with this.  With any luck this will allow more good entertainment to find its way to you without barriers.

Going on the Account: Part the Forty Ninth

Part the Forty Ninth is now up, and may be read here


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