Going on the Account: Part the Forty Fourth

Part the Forty Fourth is now up, and may be read here.


And I’m looking forward to meeting some of you on the 14th if you also will be attending the Long Island Pirate Festival.  I’m going to be one enjoying himself despite not being in full costume.  And to be honest, I look horrible with an eyepatch and tricorner hat, so I’ll be doing folks a favor by dressing down for it.

So how will you find me?  I’ll be the one doing the annoying Hey-I’m-an-author-with-a-product-awareness-pitch schtick with a distinctive t-shirt…

Going On The Account: Safe Harbor for Pirates (and their fans…)

     If, come the weekend of June 14th and 15th, you’re going to be on Long Island, New York, and then find yourself within a few leagues of the port of West Sayville, you should try and check out Long Island’s First Annual Pirate Festival that weekend.  Hosted by Ye Pyrate Brotherhood in conjunction with and at the Long Island Maritime Museum, the event promises a gathering of re-enactors, vendors and purveyors of piratey education and entertainment.  Whether you’re fully ready to take up the sweet trade tomorrow, or can’t name a buccaneer other than Jack Sparrow, then you should consider spending some of that weekend in West Sayville, NY. 

     The most thrilling part about all this is, there’s finally a pirate gathering that’s convenient for New Yorkers. One can’t read the accounts of such parleys in New Orleans, Key West and other points, and not feel a bit left out.  Which means, if you see someone in the crowd bearing on their chest a white rose and skull on a red field…