Going on the Account: Thar Be Rovers East of Us…

My thanks to Cheryl for spying from the crow’s nest this peice about more brigands off the Somali coast…  Who else is thinking that whoever gets elected President this year, one of the first foreign policy initiatives will be to take notes from a page out of Stephen Decatur’s memoirs?

Going on the Account: Yes, We Be In It for the Money!

As happens to any good privateer, no venture can be carried out without having to answer the basic question, “So when do we get paid?”  Even the most patriotic nationalist among them would still keep an eye on the bottom line, looking to maximize their cut in any way they could.  And of course, every out-and-out pirate would have a profit motive behind all of his (or her!) actions.

(This thought, it should be noted, could be the basis of a longer and more serious piece about pirates and how they thought and carried themselves, and how their world view came to define attitudes in the New World that ultimately shaped the American mind and culture…  Now where’s that scratch pad? Hmmm…)

In any event, the reason for this rambling is to announce the Ship’s Stores at CafePress.  I have to thank those folk who kept telling me they thought the logo I designed was cool.  After thinking, “Gee, I must have done something good,” the next thought was, “Hey, there might be a buck in this…

The white rose and skull on a red field can now be yours on a t-shirt, a hat, a coaster, a button, a mug, a clock, a tote bag, and worn proudly by a teddy bear.  If there’s something you want to see available through the store, feel free to drop me a line her and I can add it for purchase.  And no, none of these things are going to show up in the novel; I may have many sick and twisted ideas, but I draw the line at product placement!

Going on the Account: Sailing to Beam

     Well, the automated updates have been a little slow in coming.  That’s my fault entirely, with a bit of everything happening to keep those from coming out.  Part of the reason for the lack of word involves some site management issues:

  * There is now a Table of Contents for Parts One through Thirty Eight.  This will give people reading the tale a quick and handy guide to go back to a part they wanted conveniently without scratching their head to remember which number that was again, as well as being a quick intro for new readers out there. 

  * Yes, I said “through Thirty Eight,” as there were indeed posted Part the Thirty Seventh and Part the Thirty Eighth.  They went up on time, though their announcements never left port.  Again, the update system needs to be worked on a little bit.

  * Starting with today, as I announce Part the Thirty Ninth is up and ready.

     As always, I’m looking for feedback.  Any comments, admonitions, what have you, please send.