Going On the Account: Part the Twelfth

Part the Twelfth is up, and may be read here.  When I said I’d be posting the next part part today, I had thought the notice about Part the Eleventh had gone out before I’d sent that.  Those “We’ll give you 15 minutes of connectivity for a credit card swipe” terminals leave a lot to be desired…

Back in the day, the idea of a ship crossing the ocean being three weeks overdue was not a big deal, but these days that doesn’t sit as well.  The good news is, we’ve got two posting notices going out today; my thanks for your indulgences.

Going On the Account: Part the Tenth

Part the Tenth is now up, and can be read here.

A word of warning: I’m going to be on the road next week, which means there is a chance that I might miss an upload.  Hopefully this should be covered and things will go forth as planned, but I wanted to warn everyone in case something goes awry.  Bit early in the run for an intrruption, but sometimes il juste ne peut pas être aidé.